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divine revelation



The church's very existence, message, practices, and organization are supposedly mandated by divine revelation. It strikes me as exceedingly strange that such divine revelation only comes through the use of human intermediaries. The Bible was written by men but inspired by God. In order for there to be a current day inerrant, infallible Bible, God necessarily had to oversee and control the canonization, translation, and interpretation processes by which those inspired words reached the ears and minds of men. Can a divine revelation remain divine through all of that human involvement. The church says yes; my mind says very unlikely.


The Bible itself, never alludes to any need to canonize or translate into other languages, with all the issues those processes entail. Why leave mankind to wonder about how all that was supposed to work, if the Bible was intended for all humanity in all ages?  


It is clear from the stories in the Bible that not even the Apostles always understood the true message of Jesus. Are the self appointed ministers of the church, past and present, who proclaim unequivocal truth, any smarter than Peter and Paul? Were the creed developers and Bible translators divinely regulated in the same manner as the original writers? If so, where is the evidence? In fact, where is the evidence that messages aimed at first century churches in their native languages was ever intended for 21st century man in their varied languages? The One who confounded languages in the first place, does not logically convey divine truth which must then be humanly translated and interpreted for the benefit of all humanity. No benevolent deity operates so irrationally.