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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Duality in the Garden of Eden



The real problem represented by the Garden of Eden story is duality, the division of humanity into warring camps, the good versus the evil. I believe that men generally act maliciously, not to be deliberately evil, but in their attempt to suppress and eliminate those they identify as evil, utilizing the fruit of the forbidden metaphorical tree. Thus, the act of dealing with perceived sin in others becomes just another example of sinfulness.


This explains why a religion like Orthodox Christianity is doomed to failure in attempting to deal with sin. Its doctrines and practices merely encourage and reinforce what defined the initial basic sin. If the knowledge gained in the Garden and which allowed mankind to condemn one another was the issue in the beginning, then such condemnation cannot define righteousness now.


Lacking omniscience, we kid ourselves in thinking that we can correctly pass judgment on others. We aren't mind readers, knowing another's motivations. No one has lived someone else's life, to see all that has shaped them and influenced their decisions and actions. Despite these glaring and universal deficiencies, we continuously label one another as good or bad, blindly assuming what is patently false. Actions and consequences can be labeled as good or bad; people are just people- frail, misguided, emotionally driven, inconsistent, and often totally irrational. That defines us all.