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Elegant Counter Intuitiveness

In exploring physical reality through the laws of physics and mathematics, scientists apparently look for what they call mathematical elegance in developing and analyzing proposed theories. Albert Einstein, for one, sought this mathematical elegance in his attempts to discover an all encompassing theory of everything, the ultimate law for understanding the physical world from the subatomic through the cosmic level. Not being a mathematician, the idea of mathematical elegance is foreign to me, but I accept such a thing as recognizable by the properly trained.


Through the work of Einstein and others we have come to realize that our physical world is not quite the way it first appears. Its true nature is often counter intuitive, especially so at the subatomic level. In studying counter intuitive reality, I suspect that researchers look for small clues about how to differentiate between what counter intuitiveness points to new reality and what seems illogical because it is simply incorrect or not indicative of the true nature of things. The mind tends to automatically reject what appears counter intuitive. Therefore, if one suspects that the true answer may be counter intuitive, then a methodology to differentiate between the potentially fruitful but counter intuitive approach and one that is simply misleading becomes vital. Perhaps this is why so-called mathematical elegance becomes a factor for the scientist/mathematician.


Given this concept of elegance in physical reality, I see a parallel in probing the corresponding spiritual reality. I now recognize that spiritual reality as revealed by God is also counter intuitive. It is not necessarily the way we might assume or believe, especially given our cultural preconditioning. If one accepts spiritual counter intuitiveness as a fact, or even a possibility, then he or she faces the same difficulty the scientists have in exploring a counter intuitive physical world. If a possible spiritual reality seems illogical at first, what might lead me to reject it immediately as opposed to considering it further? In this effort, I personally find that the idea of elegance or magnificence is also vital. When I consider various ways in which God and the Bible can be understood and applied in our lives, I look for a grand and awe inspiring picture of God and His work and purpose for and through mankind. Any understanding that leads to a spiritual reality that does not provide such grandeur is immediately suspect. The God, who is the author of recognizable elegance in science, mathematics, and the physical world, can be no less in the higher realm of the spiritual.