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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

just eliminate my enemies



The story of Christian Orthodoxy, with its emphasis on eternal punishment, is that some day everything will be made right because God finally eliminates all His enemies. Out of that story, mankind has inherited a view which says that everything in our lives will be all right just as soon as we eliminate all our enemies. Thus mankind is involved in a never ending effort to first identify who the enemies are and then execute the ruthless strategies required to eliminate them.


Historians and sociologists have long noted that political leaders in every society are quick to use the diversion of perceived enemies to deal with societal discontent over governmental ineffectiveness, oppression, and malfeasance. Once a population can be made to focus their attention on an outside evil, the erstwhile bumbler or tyrant can often re-characterize himself as a national hero in the struggle to eliminate the enemy.


If the finale of Orthodox theology is a cataclysmic judgment and destruction, as traditionally taught, anyone should ask why Jesus was ever a part of the historical progression leading to that end. If the destruction of His enemies is God's final response to humanity's sinfulness, Jesus becomes no more than a minor speed bump in the road along which mankind hurdles toward elimination.