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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

endless fight



"I'll never stop fighting". We hear this out of politicians and religious leaders constantly. How about we give up the language of warfare as a virtue in our lives? Who exactly are we fighting against except fellow citizens and fellow human beings. Let's stop relishing the fight and try to unite. Aren't there enough problems without spending all our time opposing one another.


All these calls to conflict, all these diatribes against the evil in others- what exactly do we gain from such? Is our world getting better because of it? Some may think so citing various moral struggles in the past; but, when we consider all the tangential consequences of even the most revered moral victory, there is ample room for doubt. Real, lasting moral improvements ultimately come through greater empathy, greater understanding, and an enlarged brotherhood. Deep reflection, after every war in history, has lead to this same conclusion for those who bothered to reflect at all.


Undoubtedly we often get the self righteous big head when shouting our defiance against this or that group of "others". The feeling of moral superiority associated with these struggles against unrighteousness is exactly the emotional boost we love. Of course, at the same time our emotional system, with its concurrent hatefulness, fear, and stress, is poisoning us physically and mentally.


The business of government and the route to societal improvement should be cooperation, not conflict. Are we the United States or not? Union requires and should promote cooperation. That is the essence of unity. Unity does not, cannot demand uniformity of belief, however. Beliefs are too personal and too volatile for that. Neither can we somehow, without draconian evils, establish and maintain some sort of cultural or spiritual homogeneity in our society.


Unity in diversity is a despised notion in the minds of some, but no other unity is morally achievable. The only alternative is an enforced unity of opinion, which means the suppression of all opposing views. Such suppression is the essence of totalitarianism. Differences of opinion will always exist, so we either draw benefit from different viewpoints, or we endure an endless, self defeating fight.