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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the end of partisanship


Nothing should be clearer than the Apostle Paul’s condemnation of religious partisanship based on Christ. In fact, in Ephesians 2 he says emphatically that Jesus tore down the walls of religiously inspired segregation.

Despite this most important aspect of Christ’s earthly mission, the institutional church has been a hotbed of controversy and sectarianism from day one. In every age some “Christians” were claiming to be the only true ones and condemning and separating from other “Christians”. That was specifically Paul’s point in I Corinthians Chapter 1.

Of course, the common understanding of how Christian unity and any subsequent universal brotherhood must be achieved is that once everyone conforms to us and our sectarian distinctive, then all will be united just as God intended. By this prevailing logic, the reason for continuing religious partisanship is not the partisanship I display; it is rather the result of the religious errors of others. Well, in that frame of mind, all hope of unity diminishes every day, with our increasing religious diversity.

So what possible way is there for religious partisanship to disappear? How about everyone stops insisting on their way as the only way? How about Christians embrace the true universalism of Christianity and desist from trying to narrow the Children of God down to only the few like them? For Christians, in particular, there is no hope or security in the prevailing “my way or no way” understanding of God in Christ.