Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Eternal Security



Eternal security can only be found in a faith in the faithfulness, unconditional Love, and power of God in upholding His creation and fulfilling His divine purpose in that creation. That faith quite naturally excludes the possibility that God could ever lose control or fail in the slightest degree. All that God purposes must be fulfilled. Any other kind of faith, especially that based on man’s knowledge and ability, has always been and will always be a hollow, vain thing. All other faiths will be the very thing that Paul emphatically stated would never frustrate or annul the promise (faithfulness) of God (Galatians 3).


The traditional distortion of eternal security says that I must do something to activate God’s faithfulness on my behalf. Amazingly then, that same theology teaches that, if I later fail to enjoy that security, it is because I failed to activate it correctly, either through ignorance or insincerity. Obviously, my faith must be based on my own knowledge, commitment, and perseverance, not in God’s. How secure does that make you feel?