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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

evaluation based on behavior




Intriguingly, the current political environment has raised and promoted the idea that behavior is not a valid measure of worthiness. In a very real sense what we have frequently witnessed across the political spectrum is a loud, proud declaration that "My friends are worthy no matter how they act or what they say, while my enemies are unworthy because of those very things. In other words, who is good and acceptable depends entirely on who is acting and who passes judgment.


This observation is powerful because in an important way it reflects a reality which underlies the biblical story from start to finish and forms an integral part of the message and mission of Jesus. All have sinned. Their are none good, no not one. Abraham, Moses, David, the Apostle Paul, the complete pantheon of Hebrews Chapter 11 were flawed human beings; and yet they were award a place on the list of God's noteworthy. Then, to top it all off, Jesus, in his greatest ever sermon, rejected our human attempts to grade sinfulness, while calling on men to drop their idea of some as friends and others as enemies.


Ironically, the current attempts to disconnect a person's actions and words from how they are judged by others appear very biblical though so out of sync with the prevailing religious thought. If as followers of Jesus we can separate worth and behavior in friends and family, maybe we could do the same for others? End of conflict!