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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


evangelical Majesty



Christian evangelicalism is a program which combines the efforts and achievements of God with the efforts and achievements of man to complete God's plan for humanity. God and Christ work together to do God's part. The church and its ministers team up with each individual to do man's part. All the final phases of the plan depend on human knowledge and response. Once God has done His part, the final outcome is totally man dependent.


Now I don't doubt that cooperative effort is the route to great achievement in many cases. However, given what is supposedly at stake and the relative weaknesses of certain team members, I find it astounding that that One who is the very definition of Love chose this team and this method to grant divine approval to those He loved.


I cannot even imagine that such a plan with limited success and such horrendous results for failure would ever be acclaimed as marvelous or benevolent if proposed and proclaimed by man. What is not majestic if designed by man seems equally unmajestic to me when supposedly God ordained.