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Ever Wonder?


Ever wonder why God needed a 2000 page book to explain how to be saved. What is all that background material, like the Old Testament, all about? Even the scope and length of the New Testament is puzzling. Jesus taught on earth for three and a half years; and yet, in the final analysis, all mankind supposedly needed to know was how to be saved and then remain that way. Any evangelical preacher can explain the essential information in a 30 minute sermon. In fact, they do it every Sunday.


So what was the significance  of all the stuff Jesus taught and did besides dying and rising again, the things that don' figure into the so called plan of salvation. Were the lessons of the Sermon on the Mount supposed to be the evidence of a successful salvation process and not an essential element of that process? Were the parables merely a series of insights into a far distant utopian state, one with no relevance to here and now? If Jesus proclaimed a universal salvation, why did He confine His ministry to the Jews and then wait for years after His ascension to commission Paul to extend the Gospel to the Gentiles?  Then Paul generated the vast majority of the NT text, adding much more complexity to mix. If Jesus is the author of salvation, why do we need the words of Paul at all? Wouldn't the words of the author be sufficient?