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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Exclusive in the Eyes of God

Many religious groups claim to be chosen or acceptable to God to the exclusion of other groups. Exclusiveness or acceptability in the eyes of God supposedly can result from birth into the right family, belief in the correct doctrine, or practicing the right rituals or sacraments. Others are therefore unacceptable because they are arbitrarily excluded by God, or because they are ignorant of the “truth” and/or willfully “evil”. By their very nature, these groups generate and propagate strife, enmity, and self-righteousness.


The perception of exclusiveness in the eyes of God leads inexorably to a feeling of superiority and self-justification. In every human interaction, when one person feels superior to another in action, status, knowledge, or character two things result. The superior fellow is inflated in his own eyes and the inferior man is resentful. This is not the basis for building understanding and transforming the world for the better.


When coupled with the supposed responsibility of the righteous to oppose evil in all its forms (deviation from orthodox doctrine, political malfeasance, moral permissiveness, etc.), this notion of superiority leads to the justification of all sorts of perfidy. The chosen one is doing God’s will and furthering God’s cause if he employs violence, innuendo, slander, coercion, intimidation, or demagoguery in opposition to the actions of the “unchosen”. As long as the thing opposed is classified as “evil”, then methodology is irrelevant.


The belief that any religious group is exclusively superior in the eyes of God is in fact the evil that needs to be eliminated from our spiritual thinking. God is no respecter of persons, and we all stand or fall before God together. Gloriously, God has completed all that is necessary to insure that all will stand. Our role now is to recognize this fact and to renounce the horrors perpetrated by the various false doctrines of religious exclusiveness.