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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

exclusive world religions



One thing stands out to me in our so called war on Islamic inspired terrorism. What seemingly drives the murderous and suicidal actions of these terrorists is the belief that they are the chosen of God who must somehow cleanse the world of unbelievers. Our response to these zealots has been largely predicated on the idea that Christians are really God's exclusive people and not Muslims. The religious overtones in our conduct of the war on terror are constantly reinforced by the unfailing support of so many Christian leaders for an aggressive military engagement in Muslim countries and the idea of isolation from the evil outside world as a security prerequisite.


The irony in all this is that after we were victimized by zealots who practice exclusive religion, we have been further damaged by our own version of exclusive religion. Whereas what external terrorists do against us was very limited, our own religious zealots have used the external threats as the means to wreak their own havoc on our freedoms and security.


People within this country who believe themselves to be morally superior to the majority of Americans are immensely harmful. The morally high handed, especially when they assume the reins of political power, naturally gravitate to the art of oppression, all in the name of God. Whether we are threatened by Islamic exclusionists or the Christian variety, the country is in serious danger.


In all this, the impact of Islamic terrorism has been amplified a hundred fold by Christian fundamentalisms response and the subsequent increase in its influence over national politics.  All exclusive religions, be they Islam, Christianity, or Judaism, are corrosive to basic human relationships and therefore to unity and freedom, the essentials of American society.