Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the eyedropper



The institutional church has claimed for itself the role of dispenser of God’s blessings on mankind. Then to add insult to spiritual injury, they further insist that those blessings must be dispensed through an eyedropper. Everyone has to accept the church role, the church’s authority, and the church’s doctrine or you don’t get blessed. Then when many will not accept their claims and restrictions, the church rants against them as willfully incorrigible and worthy of hellfire. Maybe instead these church rejecters are simply appalled at the apparent arrogance of the church’s attempt to control their spiritual lives.


The idea that certain God appointed men, ensconced in a hierarchical institution, should exercise such tremendous authority over the eternal destiny of others is basically preposterous. Then to supplement that usurpation with the tenets of eternal punishment and strict conformance is the essence of indoctrination and mind control.


The redemptive work of Jesus, which awaits no further prophetic fulfillment, was worldwide in scope. That was the expressed, inalterable will of God. The church, for its own purposes, has sold a lesser god and attempted to mete out a gospel of expediency through its doctrinal “eyedropper”.  When people reject the church’s salvation formula, they merely claim the freedom from the rule of men over their spirituality which Jesus taught. Rules and rule keeping and the oversight of human beings as the route to righteousness were never a part of what Jesus was ultimately about. That system was a failure in the life of Israel, and it remains a failure in the institutional church.


Anything and anybody who stands between you and God should be rightfully rejected. God did not place you at the mercy of church, its message, and its operation. That would make God’s love and mercy a commodity to be marketed and not a gift to all mankind.