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my favorite parts of the bible

Have you ever been asked about your favorite parts of the Bible? The question would imply that there are other parts which are not so favored. Maybe the proper response would be that I haves no favorite portion of scripture because all are equally important, but I suspect that most of us would have to admit that some scripture is more appealing to us than others.


Given the length and complexity of the Bible, no one can reasonably pay equal attention to every aspect. Therefore, we all have favorite passages by default, those being the ones we know best and therefore choose to emphasize. By some combination of heritage, habit, and personal inclination we all inevitably acquire a biblical favoritism. Our individual favorites are naturally those which cast us in the best light in our own eyes and support any personal prejudices which we find advantageous.


The heralded idea that the Bible is infallible and inerrant serves well in this regard as it insists that whatever verse we want to quote will by extension be in harmony with and supported by every other verse. Thus the practice of “cherrypicking” favorite verses becomes an accepted practice. Under this assumption, there is no need to consider the entire Bible before drawing final conclusions, just a verse here or there will suffice. Those applying their favorite passages seem to conclude that, since the text is sacred, their understanding is also; and consequently there can be no rebuttal to their favored position.


Any subdivision of the Bible into relative parts is by extension a denial of the traditional doctrine or inspiration and inerrancy. By our personal choices about what scripture to emphasize or favor and what parts to ignore or relegate to a lesser status, we are led into a decision which renders some of the Bible as extraneous or insignificant, not requiring real consideration or evaluation. This inevitable human activity, goes right to the heart of why the Bible is not and never has been God’s roadmap, guiding mankind to righteousness, especially so, as interpreted and transmitted by the institutional church, the recognized experts at selecting Bible favorites.