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follow the money



There is an old expression in the business of investigation: follow the money. By that expression someone has noted that when you see who gains financially from a given event or activity, you will know who benefited and therefore who is ultimately responsible. This same line of reasoning can be applied in evaluating the institutional church.


Aside from the government, almost no one collects money like the church. When you follow the resulting money trail, where does it lead in most cases? That is the question. The ostensible answer is that it leads to the fulfillment of the church's divine mission- evangelizing the world.


However, if one looks a little closer at how the money is used, we see that most dollars go into organizational salaries and physical facilities designed for the comfort of the congregants. Some smaller portion will probably be committed to benefit others, but with great regularity much of the money flows from contributors directly into the pockets of church leaders, many of whom actually own the tax free physical properties bought and paid for by church contributions.  


If one wants to understand why church leadership so vociferously denounces all challenges to the religious status quo here in America, the flow of money provides the answer. No matter how much these self appointed leaders claim the Bible as the reason for their opposition to religious change, you can be quite certain that a diminishment of their personal financial situation along with their own power and influence is even more important to them. When people claim an altruistic motive for their actions and grow rich in the process, many politicians, pundits, and preachers, for example, you need to be very suspicious. Such people are sorely tempted to say anything that sells in order to hang on to personal gain. True altruism rarely brings about celebrity and riches. If it did, the world would naturally be full of people following the lifestyle of Jesus.