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Freedom from religion

For the irreligious, the only possible freedom of religion is freedom from religion. That is why true religious freedom must involve a complete absence of religious rituals and theological advocacy in the public forum. By public forum, I mean any setting where multiple faiths are or can be represented and in which all are not afforded equality of opportunity for expression. For practical reasons that eliminates all faith rituals and faith pronouncements from any publically funded event or venue.


The propriety of freedom from religion is validated by the assured reaction of the Christian sector among us if they were subjected to periodic, audible calls to prayer by the local Muslim community, as is the common practice in many countries. The Muslim ritual would be no different from the longstanding Christian practice of ringing the church bells on Sunday morning, but you can bet that the general reaction to this Muslim “noise” would be dramatically less favorable. No one expressing an aversion to Muslim public rituals can consistently promote Christian public rituals. To those of another tradition, your tradition is no more sacred than theirs.


To insist on the maintenance of Christian tradition as a justification to foist Christian rituals and theology into public gatherings is a clear imposition on those among us who do not ascribed to Christian Orthodoxy. That includes those of non-Christian faiths, the irreligious, and even those who embrace Jesus but reject the organized church and its theology. All of these groups are growing in number, and their religious freedom is as sacred as anyone’s.