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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Fundamental Elitism

The definition of elitism is consciousness of being or belonging to a superior group. Anyone who embraces a religion which says that their group is exclusive in the eyes of God is by definition elitist. What could possibly convey more forcefully the idea of superiority and exalted position than to claim to be the only true children of God? Ironically, the same Christians who claim this very type of exclusiveness often use the term “elitists” to condemn those who oppose their dogma. If God has a chosen people to the exclusion of all others, then God Himself is an elitist and not one who is no respecter of persons and who loved enough to proclaim mercy upon all (Romans 11:32).


Elitism is a doctrine of men, and was roundly condemned by Christ (Matt 23). No one who ever lived was more at home with the non-elite than Christ. He could have spent his time with the Jewish religious leaders who held themselves in such high esteem. Instead he consistently communed with publicans, harlots, beggars, and common ordinary everyday sinners, just like you and me. So exalt yourself by claiming exclusive right standing with God if you will, but in so doing you will deny the basic message and work of Christ, the one who proclaimed that by being lifted up he would draw all men unto himself.