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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love



Christian fundamentalism would seem to be logically about the fundamental teachings of Christ. But what are those teachings?

One would think that those lessons would be delineated in the various church creeds and statements of faith. However, when we review these documents, we find a list of essential declarations about the nature of the Godhead, past historical events (Creation, the Fall, virgin birth, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension), the Church, and anticipated future events (Second Coming, Resurrection, Final Judgment).

The very idea that the church is central to Christ and his fundamentals bears close evaluation. Jesus’ words, as they relate to the collective body of Christ, is kingdom language. He has very little to say using the word “church”. Church language is almost exclusively Pauline.

If one actually formulated the essentials of Christianity based solely on the words of Jesus, the result would be very different from what the “church fathers” have passed down and which has greatly influenced and constrained what is now identified under the label, “fundamentalism”.

I’d suggest that the bedrock fundamentals of Christian fundamentalism are really two items- Christians are the only people acceptable to God, and the institutional church, as God’s agency on earth, is unquestionable in its message and methods. These fundamentals are purely egocentric, elevating some men to a position of lordship over the rest.