Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the glory of unity of purpose


Our better selves are always revealed in cooperative efforts. Especially in dealing with disasters. When we band together, forsaking differences, and work in a joint effort to recover from loss, be it individual or collective, we experience the glories of self sacrifice, benevolence, and brotherhood.

Unfortunately, most of the time our egoic preoccupation with selfish interests fosters a reverence for and obsession with competition and conflict as the proper mode of operation, the proper pathway forward in human history.

All the above exist in spite of what we know from experience and have read about, even in the Bible. The immense potential of human cooperative efforts is set forth unmistakably in the biblical account of the Tower of Babel. In that famous story God, Himself, declares that human imagination is the only limitation on human accomplishment through cooperation. It’s an exceedingly strange story when viewed through the eyes of a culture that exalts conflict and derides cooperation as a Satanic plot.

The denigration of unity, brotherhood, and cooperation across humanity, of course, also denies the most basic nature of the message of Jesus, a message taken to apply to all humanity. What else could possibly be the purpose of a universal message but to inspire universal cooperation for the universal good of all. How can a universal divine message be purposed as just another way to divide mankind into partisan groups and continue the age old striving to achieve by competing and outdoing one another. If competition is the God ordained final solution to eternal progress, Jesus becomes strangely out of place in human  history.

Of course, in many respects Jesus is strangely out of place in our mind’s eye. He taught and exemplified some astounding things, things which don’t well align with our cultural predispositions toward segregation and conflict.

The road forward for humanity, in the words and actions of Jesus, point us back to the potential of cooperation which we lost after the Tower of Babel story. In the words of Jesus, there is a new mutual language under which mankind can again prosper; it is the language of divine love which leads to a new unity of purpose, to live up to our divine potential and achieve what we have never achieved under the old paradigm of the struggle between good and evil.