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god's part and man's part



Orthodox Christianity recognizes a two part salvation process. There is God's part, that which He contributes toward salvation; and there is man's part or what each individual must do in order to make their own salvation effective. This has been a basic tenet of Christianity for centuries.


Interestingly though even God's part, in making the sacrifice, necessarily involves human agency or involvement. Jesus, the God man, must be sacrificed; but God is not going to kill him. The Jewish religious leadership and the Romans have to team up to bring about Christ's death instead. Thus the actions of what we would call evil men are integral to salvation's essential elements. God operates to provide a perfect sacrifice, man kills the sacrifice and buries Jesus, then God re-enters to resurrect Jesus and return him to heaven. Finally, humans are again called into action in their adherence to a series of steps which make salvation an individual reality.


One would surmise that God somehow orchestrated the human involvement that advanced this salvation plan. Could God have merely relied on happenstance to bring about the rejection and death of Jesus? If the plan was foreordained from the beginning, as typically taught, then any human agency in the plan had to be insured somehow. If God orchestrated and guaranteed the results of human involvement at some points in his plan, why is the result of later human involvement left to chance? One can dismiss such a question as unimportant, since God can do as He pleases; but a logical mind, must seek an ethically satisfying answer.