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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God Doesn't Make Any Junk



I once saw a sign over a crib which said, “Every baby is precious because God doesn’t make any junk”. In general, people seem very committed to the well-being and protection of children, even those not yet born. Benevolent activities aimed at children seem to attract automatic support. Theologically, we are conditioned to view the very young as largely untainted by the ravages of sinfulness. After all, didn’t Jesus point out the kingdom status of the little ones?


Given the fervent support of the church for the unborn and the very young, the cynicism of the church in its general opinion of people seems more than ironic. The feeling that God doesn’t make any junk somehow morphs into the dogma that most of mankind are destined for the eternal trash heap. The baby that the church wants to defend in the womb is just likely to become the teenager certified as an adult in the judicial system years later. If God doesn’t make junk, where does all the junk come from?


Of course, traditional theology has the supposed answer to this question. The Devil made everyone go bad. One created being went on an ego trip and subverted all of God’s children, turning them into junk. Absent the force of oft repeated dogma, this explanation would fail to satisfy anyone, because it simply demeans God by claiming His inability to assert His divine will over His own creation.


I suspect that an ego trip is, in fact, responsible for the failure of innocence in all of us. That ego trip begins and ends in our own minds, as we accept the many inherited assumptions about how to manage relationships and behavior. The trip continues as we come to internalize our cultures definition of success, fulfillment, and happiness. It accelerates as we embrace the concept of redemptive conflict as the means to regulate society and to promote improvement and transformation. In effect, we let our inherited thinking control our lives, insuring the very outcome we profess to oppose.


If God makes no junk, then logically He needs no cosmic junk pile. However, our ego creates mental junk all the time and is more than willing to junk anything and everyone in order to exalt itself. Ego inflating theology, which teaches acceptability by rightness, simply facilitates the egocentric process which is the root of all this rottenness in the first place.


The church can never protect the young until it reverences all of creation. It cannot consistently project concern for the unborn while it so readily condemns, dismisses, and segregates from so many adults. A belief system which teaches an inherent evil in mankind dooms the average unborn child to a state of refuse, so what is the church really saving them for?