Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God, guns, and greed



Somehow the above amalgam has been sold as the markers of the American brand of Christianity. More and more, especially here in the Bible Belt South, the political rhetoric co-opts Jesus as the basis for selling fear, anger, and segregation as the crowning virtues of the Christian and his politics. The politicians and their religious supporters in the church have successfully subverted the message of Christ for their own advancement.


Greed, materialism, and self interest are venerated as free market capitalism (Luke 12:16-21). The worship of violence and retribution are termed vigilance, valor, and a sacred right (Matthew 26:52). The "eye for an eye" mentality of Moses and Old Testament Israel are embraced in lieu of Jesus (Matthew 5:38-44). God is claimed to support all the manipulation, misrepresentation, and mischief perpetrated in the pursuit of personal political power (John 18:36; Matthew 20:25-27). All of this is a toxic mix of cynical manipulation, intolerance, personal aggrandizement, and self adulation.


If by the term Christian we mean one who follows the lead of Jesus, then nothing in all of this computes. Let's not be fooled. If the politics promotes selfishness, materialism, and violence, it can't realistically invoke Jesus as a supporter. When any politicians implies he is God's choice, you might want to measure him against the words of Jesus above.