Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

god is



God is not a male being. God is not a personality. God is not a father or shepherd. God is not an entity or a thing defined by limits and a structure or form like a human. God is not anything at all. God just is! The expression "I am" said it all in the days of Moses, and it still does.


To the extent we remain attached to God as somehow separate from humanity and all creation, existing somewhere off in the great beyond, we maintain a very primitive view of the Creator. Sure, the Bible speaks of God in all the various ways we are accustomed to, depicting God anthropomorphically in most cases; but that was a necessary literary device for an earlier time. Even modern day language with its vastly expanded vocabulary lacks the scope and nuances to readily describe God. The language of the ancients was much less suited to that purpose, so we ended up with a severely limited and incomplete biblical description of the divine.


All the fuss about an infallible, inerrant revelation of the divine is a diversion from reality. God is too big and incomprehensible to be adequately verbalized. Words about God, woefully insufficient as they are, cannot reasonably convey inarguable truth.  The best that could be accomplished was and is a faint glimpse of the divine. To then label that verbal glimpse as clearly final and inalterable in spite of its faintness is untenable. Dimness of view is necessarily subject to improved clarity which then inevitably changes the perception of reality. Today's understanding is not final, so the words associated with that understanding aren't either.