Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God is Too Big



It is impossible to exaggerate the magnificence of God. Any picture that the mind can imagine and that words can paint is inadequate. No book in the universe, including the Bible, could ever hope to capture and convey the true essence of God. He is just too far outside the box.


Some would have us believe that all we ever will know about God in this life is confined to the sacred page. If that were true our understanding would be very limited because God is too big for words and their parsing by the human intellect.


If one’s vision and understanding of God does not boggle the mind, if it is not counterintuitive, it represents a mere glimpse of the shadow of God, at best. In reality, God will never be known in an intellectual sense, i.e. through the human mind. He must be recognized, appreciated, and ultimately comprehended in the human heart, the only place capable of remotely grasping God’s essence. That heart-felt understanding may be nurtured, after a fashion by the Word, but that understanding cannot culminate in words because words are inherently incapable of describing the indescribable.