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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Godly or Godlike




The dictionary definition of godly is pious (devoutly religious) or divine


My basic question is this. In a call to godliness, are we asked to make some obsequious attempt to gain God's favor by following a list of ritual deeds, or are we implored to exhibit the thoughts and behaviors of God? Does godliness move us to seek God's acceptance or does it impel us to mimic His nature. To some, raised under the auspices of the institutional church, such a question may seem absurd. To many, the idea that a man can reflect the nature of God is ridiculous, even blasphemous. That seems exceedingly strange when one considers that under such a paradigm, the term godliness cannot apply to God, Himself, only to a man.


Is there really a difference between godliness and being like God in thought and behavior? In observing church temperament and behaviors, one might conclude that their concept of godliness meant being angry like God, condemning like God, destroying like God, being aloof like God, and being too good to accept faulty humans like God. This definition of godliness appears to reflect a certain limited picture of God, but do such attributes make one godlike. If God is spirit does He not display the fruits of the spirit.


Routinely the church wants to sell us a definition of God's nature which incorporates the good and the bad. Given those opposites, anyone attempting to mimic God has a choice to make. Do I mimic the good or the bad side of God.