Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

god of grace and god of glory



Grace is the only thing that could actually glorify an omnipotent being. Wrath, jealousy, retribution, and destruction cannot exalt God, any more than they do a human being. Likewise, human obeisance and worship cannot elevate God in His own or humanity's eyes. God would have to be shallow indeed to expect and gain personal satisfaction from such groveling and ritualistic fanfare.  


No divine being, characterized by vast knowledge and incredible capability, could ever be viewed with respect that rises to the level of glorification by participating in threats of violence or actual acts of destruction. Such would be an exercise in triviality, no different from the very worst of human behaviors, much of which also purports to be a response to evil. God destroying sinners is about as impressive as me swatting mosquitoes.


On the other hand, in acting graciously in spite of His great power and lofty estate, God displays an awesomeness which commands our undivided attention because of its incomprehensibility. God is glorified by doing the very opposite of what we  expect, setting an unbelievable example of benevolence which belies His vast superiority in every aspect.


Love exalts God and mankind both. Without it there is no glory.