Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God or the Book



I want to know and embrace God biblically and extra-biblically. By extra-biblically, I mean I want my understanding of God to make sense ethically and logically, logically at least to the extent that he does not appear grotesque or absurd. He can be counter intuitive in a majestic way but not unreasonable or arbitrary in the orthodox way.


I think the fundamental mistake of orthodox Christianity has been in placing too much faith in the Bible and man’s understanding of it and too little faith in God and His ability to accomplish His purpose. The church’s historical reliance on biblical knowledge as the basis for salvation implies very pointedly that man’s ability and actions are the critical elements in salvation. Relying on the Bible also means depending on the canonization process, the translation process, and the teaching process to properly transmit the required salvation knowledge. Each of these necessary steps is man dependent.


Most seem to equate faith in the Bible with faith in God. In fact, the opposite is true. Faith in the Bible is really a misplaced faith in man. I cannot be certain of my ability to understand the Bible. In fact, I am not sure the Bible was intended to be understood objectively, i.e. in the same way by everyone. It certainly was not written as a guide book for claiming heaven.


Despite what the Bible seems to say or others teach that it says, I am going to embrace the God of Love because anything less is insufficient and totally lacking in majesty. My faith will rest entirely on God and not on anyone’s ability to decipher the Book, mine included.