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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God's Beloved- the purpose behind creation



For those who believe that man is the result of a creative act and not merely an accident of some deterministic process of evolution, the question of the motive behind man’s creation must be considered. Why did God choose to create man? The impression that one might get from the orthodox understanding of creation is that God created man so that man could love and worship God through acts of obedience and the maintenance of moral rectitude. In other words, God created so he could be loved, and man’s purpose is to strive mightily to demonstrate that love by being pleasing to God.


However, if one views God as defined by his love as the Bible clearly states, then a different creative motive comes to mind. Can God love without an object for that love? Doesn’t love require acting on behalf of another? Can love exist separate and apart from a beloved? Perhaps creation was a plan to provide a love object.


In line with this reasoning, a new book, entitled Furious Pursuit: Why God Will Never Let You Go by author Tim King (, explores the unconventional idea that we were not created to pursue God but rather to be pursued by God. Under this new paradigm, the Bible account becomes one of eternal romance, a love story unadulterated by the demands, commands, and judgments typically taught. The resulting picture of God is so powerful as to be truly earth-changing. If love is the ultimate answer, then the God who pursues furiously is the ultimate God.