Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


Salvation Is God's Business




I choose to leave God's business totally to God, things like saving the world. I can add nothing to God's efforts in conducting His business. I can, though, waste time and effort worrying about things over which I have no control.


What folly to believe that God requires my help to complete His business, whatever that entails. The only real power in the universe is not capable of achieving on His own but chooses to rely on me? I don't think so.


This notion that God's plan involves some joint effort between God and me is ludicrous. I am weak; He is strong. I am confused; He is all knowing. I fail routinely; He never fails. He is constant; I vacillate minute to minute.


God deals in sure things, not "maybes" and "if onlies". His Will prevails, or He is not God. There is no room for failure, so there is no room for me or any man to contribute to the failure of God's plan and business.


What is God's Will and plan in relation to mankind? That is the most basic issue in religion. Is He culling the populace for the worthy few, as so many teach? Am I a part of the plan as a contributor? If God's plan is universal in scope, as few seem to deny, how can it fail to be universally successful? If I interject myself into the salvation plan as a contributor, I take over as God, presiding over His success or failure. What a foolish idea.