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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

God's Final Judgment was just the beginning



God’s final judgment as prophesied by Christ in Matthew 23-25 is generally taken as marking the end of human history. Properly understood, however, this predicted judgment was the real beginning for mankind and not the end.


In this culminating act, that Christ predicted for the generation of his day, God brought to a close all of the redemptive work which was necessary to establish full fellowship between God and man.  In a very real sense this was the beginning for mankind and not the end. The making of all things new (II Cor 5) consummated a new reality and marked the arrival of the coming day of Romans 13.


This judgment was the final act of all that was required for redemption. It was the end/fulfillment of the Old Covenant. It was not, however, the end of time, or the world, or humankind on earth. For mankind it was a glorious new beginning. It was the beginning of the rest of the story.


After God had accomplished all he intended through Christ, man was in an entirely new situation, one which is poorly recognized and comprehended by us all. Instead of anticipating and dreading a future judgment which brings human history to a violent and frightful climax, we should rejoice in a past event that established the potential for man to be all he can ultimately be. Mankind is now poised for realization, the recognition that God has done a truly marvelous thing in Christ, something unbelievable in its grandeur and unsullied by any pending judgment.