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God's Opinion



Many in our society claim the right to be the interpreter of the Bible for the rest of us. In most cases the resulting interpretation is nothing more than an endless rehash of the interpretation derived centuries ago and successfully maintained by the institutional church. In claiming the role of interpreter for others, these claimants imply that their expressed opinion on the meaning of the Bible is equal to God’s opinion. This is a demonstrably dubious contention.


One man’s personal belief about the meaning of the Bible is just that, and no amount of ingenuity can prove otherwise. The diversity of opinion concerning the Bible establishes as much.


To be identified as God’s own, any opinion would necessarily have to be delivered directly by God without human intervention. The skeptics have always noted as much, and they are absolutely correct. Man’s opinions about the Bible are man derived and subject to every human foible. God’s opinion will remain a mystery unless He chooses to enlighten each of us personally and individually. If the Bible is that enlightenment, then by definition it requires no human interpreters.