Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

god's True Majesty


The majesty and glory of God in Christ does not derive from the power to utterly destroy or from a divine right to demand rigid obedience and conformity. Those attributes correspond too readily to the basest of human cravings and instincts, and therefore can never distinguish God's actions from typical, ego driven human behaviors. God's mode of operation within His creation must be based on something more majestic than "might makes right". That which makes God worthy of humanity's attention and respect must be characteristics which enhance mankind's yearning for and growth towqard fulfilled, joyous living. If, instead, those characteristics merely reinforce and confirm human behavioral tendencies which emphasize self interest, disharmony, condemnation, segregation, intransigence, fear, and hostility, then there can be no associated majesty and glory. That which is common and uninspiring cannot be divine.

There is really only one conceivable way God can glorified; that would be by demonstrating an ability and a power to create and then to maintain and grow His creation. That glory must be achieved by fulfilling the divine plan completely, using methods which defy human understanding, at least within our normal frame of reference. If those methods suggest that God is merely superhuman, then we encounter a problem. We have a God who acts like men, who thereby promotes men who think they can act like God. There will never be any nobility in that.