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god's will or pure chance



A family member commented recently to me that if they had been killed in the war (WWII, the big one) that they would have been unsaved and in real trouble, i.e. in that place of eternal torment. In pondering that remark, I considered the two possibilities to explain why some non- Christian soldiers died in that conflict and some survived to later become Christians and thereby escape hell. Either the survivors did so because God willed it so or they survived because of random chance, apart from God's involvement. Maybe there is another explanation for these dramatically different outcomes, but I fail to see it.


Whatever the reason behind surviving and not, the results of survival for those unsaved soldiers who later became Christians are incalculable, according to Christian doctrine. It was the difference between eternal bliss and eternal torment. It doesn't get any bigger than that.


So which is it, ultimate salvation by random chance, i.e. lucky enough to survive and then be saved, or salvation because God chose to allow survival? Good luck or arbitrary predestination?. Neither of those two choices leave me with a good taste. How about you?