Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

Government by Religious Dogma



Religious dogma is a very bad basis for public policy. That is especially true if that dogma assigns divine superiority to the human agents of that dogma and predicts a horrible but divinely justified fate to all others. Given such a belief system, the resulting political outcomes are sure to be discriminatory, oppressive, and touted nonetheless as righteous.  


We witness exactly this effect from the political influence of “Christianity” in this country. In the name of so called religious freedom and the institutional church, a great number of people have been seduced into believing that their beliefs and their religious understandings are infallible guides to what is good for everyone else in terms of public policy.


Such religious arrogance and certitude reduces everyone outside that religious circle to a state of insignificance. The very basis for democratic institutions, consensus building, mutual respect, and the promotion of the common good are thrown out the window by anyone who thinks their opinions are all that need be considered because theirs are divinely sanctioned. 


The fact that the church has spoken, that the preacher has spoken, that the religiously affiliated politician has spoken does not mean that God has spoken. That is true regardless of how many times we may have heard and believed otherwise.