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What Makes hellfire believers believable?


I’ll be a lot more inclined to believe that someone actually believes in eternal punishment when I see evidence that he is profoundly troubled by that belief. Too many in the church, who claim eternal punishment as an essential doctrine of Orthodoxy, seem content and unperturbed by this supposed reality. I sense little feeling on their part of an urgent need to do anything about this horrendous prospect or any real concern that many, including their own loved ones, are destined to face this outcome.

As long as Christians remain so nonchalant and passively resigned to the idea of hellfire for the vast majority of mankind, as their actions and words would generally indicate, I must question whether they really believe what they claim. The other alternative would be that they are just perfectly happy with the consignment of most people to a punishment which defies all human sensibility and compassion. One would hope that the former is true, because the latter reduces these professed hellfire believers to a state of profound heartlessness which borders on ghoulishness.