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hell is not optional


Many orthodox  preachers claim that the belief in Hell is a requirement to be a Christian. If that is in fact true, then obviously, one must know about and acknowledge the reality of Hell before becoming a Christian. Of course, this whole contention about the requirement to believe in Hell begs a multitude of additional questions. What exactly about Hell must one know before becoming a Christian? Is it possible to effect a conversion without explaining the details of Hell to the convert first?

I don't know everyone's experience in so called evangelical churches these days; but, when I visit, I hear much about a coming judgment and the need to get saved but little, if any, specific detail about what we are to be saved from, i.e. Hell. It sounds almost as if the preachers want to assume that the audience understands the consequences of being lost so why rub their faces in the fact. However, if these same preachers believe so strongly in the necessity of believing in Hell, then there can be no excuse for not detailing what must be believed in every presentation of "the Gospel". Of course, what I am pointing out about Hell here also applies to anything else that the Christian must believe as a part of Orthodoxy's prescription. These Sunday "sermonettes" don't seem to get it done.