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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

hell on earth




Evangelical Christianity’s obsession with the conflict between good and evil leads them to believe that by creating hell on earth they can gain access to heaven. If heaven bound warriors for God can inflict enough hellish punishment on the “ungodly”, then those warriors will earn the eternal reward of heaven. You see this type thinking on display whenever the “religiously righteous” engage in political activities designed to marginalize and discriminate against anyone they deem a sinner. This process is justified as doing God’s will, so the negative impact on those being declared unworthy and dangerous is simply the divinely desired effect. The hell of the sinners being singled out for scorn and ostracism is precisely the point, and the mean spirited and self righteous rhetoric which invariably accompanies these religious activities simply highlight that fact.


All the pious assertions that the evangelicals are simply trying to convince the sinner of his error, are shown to be false by the very nature of the pressures exerted- virulent denunciations, legislated punishments, and denial of basic rights. No message of divine love nor demonstration of that love by the church would ever involve such hurtful behaviors.


The truth of the matter is that this church created hell is the only hell anyone will ever experience because God is not in the hell business. Hell has always been that which we as humans conjure up on our own right here. It has been that way since Adam and his love affair with the Tree of Knowledge.