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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

he definitely protests too much



I suspect that some who endure my articles assume that all these represent a tedious exercise in self-loathing. I’ll certainly have to admit that at a point in my life I embraced, claimed to embrace, or tried to embrace many of the tenets of Christianity which I now find so objectionable. In that regard I am a bit like the reformed smoker, perhaps too quick to chastise those who practice my former habit. If a spirit of stridency infuses my writings, I apologize for the tone but not for the issues raised.


The best place for questions to be raised, particularly religious ones, would be within one’s own mind and heart. The best method to raise such questions would be through personal study, mediation, and contemplation of the issues and implications of one’s theology. The thoughts of others can be helpful but are not likely to be so unless you have been inclined in the past to some re-evaluation of your own.


In the religious realm open questioning quickly becomes uncomfortable. We have all been misled by our egos and conditioned by our religious traditions. There is no easy, pain free way to address that fact. Only those, who can admit to themselves that they are uncomfortable, need to endure the additional discomfort of trying to re-evaluate their beliefs. All others are not yet ready.