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hero worship



A society is best known by its heroes. In our society the label of hero is most often assigned to those who exert violent force against perceived evil. This concept of heroism eclipses all others by a very wide margin.


I sometimes wonder if the real heroes aren't those who face the world unarmed and yet undaunted. Such "heroes" don't carry guns, expect recognition and respect, or claim special privileges. They simply live and let live, much like Jesus.


These "heroes" are never the darlings of public opinion. They are single mothers struggling to keep families together and alive. They are the homeless, consumed by addictions and mental illness and surviving despite "demons" that most cannot even imagine. They are offenders trying to live down their misguided and often immature past and rebuild lives in a society that relishes retribution and grants no forgiveness, ever.    


In fact, these struggling individuals are more generally identified as the problems the Hollywood superhero must eliminate. They are never extolled by pundits, bloggers, and preachers. They don't invite our emulation as a vicarious source of self worth.


Instead, these neglected ones simply demonstrate human strength, resilience, and courage on a scale which dwarfs the heroism of all the wars of history. In fact, these  are often the victims of those very wars, forced to suffer degradation by warfare's destruction and deprivation and then marginalized and even ridiculed for it.