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Ecclesiastical hissy fits



When the leaders and adherents of institutional religion lose control over the national religious dialogue, they are prone to throw a hissy fit. The reality of this is vividly displayed in their religiously motivated politics, which makes allies of Christian Orthodoxy and reactionary political ideologies. Given the available technologies and their impact on unbridled discussion of religion, the future of religion will include more and more re-evaluation by more and more people. As painful as the questioning of tradition truths can be, we can only expect more of the same going forward.


Anyone who thinks that future religious thought can be re-confined to the concepts which prevailed in the past is self deluded. Someone in the past noted that once freedom is experienced by anyone, they never willingly give it up. The same is true of this new religious freedom, the freedom to disagree with and reject the dogma of traditional religion.   


As part of an attempt to regain control, traditional religionists have tried to redefine religious freedom as the unrestrained ability of the church to propagate and promote its doctrines. Even when those doctrines have the effect of limiting the rights of outsiders, either the irreligious or those of other faiths, the guardians of Orthodoxy insist that "religious freedom" insures their right to verbally assault, marginalize, and suppress in the name of God. Thus, religious freedom has become a catchphrase for the right to be self promoting, petty, and dictatorial. Such a concept of religious freedom makes a mockery of the very word freedom.