Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

How could he?



Could God really crave my adulation? Could He desire my attention and subservience to such an extent that He would threaten me for non-compliance? How could God be so needy and insecure as to demand strict conformity out of the entire human race? This picture of a transactional relationship between God and mankind is a product of human reasoning, not divine revelation. It is the age old pagan depiction of angry, conflicted deities who exact punishment on humans who don’t pay them proper respect.


How does Christianity get away with selling this story as the Gospel? It’s simply a matter of repeating a preposterous, illogical “truth” for centuries until it becomes embedded in the human mind. The church’s unchallenged control over all religious dialogue for over a thousand years has left the western mind enslaved by assumed certainty.


The fact that the church and secular government are joined at the hip is another factor in explaining how pagan thought has prevailed long after Christ. Subservience and respect for authority, religious and secular, are essential principles to both sources of power, church and state.


If we love because He first loved us, what’s with this threat of hellfire? Am I endlessly singing His praises because I am legitimately in awe of His majesty or just mouthing some words to keep Him satisfied with my proper response? Hellfire destroys the whole relationship. It is not Father and child; it is Master and slave.