Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

how lame is that?

Seeker- Hey, I hear your story about how God and Jesus love me, but if that is so, how can they also be determined to send me to Hell if I don’t do what you say they require? That sounds illogical.


Christian - Well, that is what it says right here in the Bible; don’t you believe the Bible? It’s God’s word, so it has to be correct.


Seeker - Honestly, I don’t know what to make of the Bible, especially when you say it teaches something that my mind can’t accept.


Christian - It turns out that the Bible explains that problem. It says somewhere that God’s ways are not man’s ways. He thinks differently. You can’t possibly understand how He thinks and operates, so don’t even try. In other words, you think too much about things that you shouldn’t.


Seeker - Are you saying that there is no place for thinking in your religion?


Christian - You can think if you insist, but that thinking has to be tempered by reading the Bible. It will tell you what to think.


Seeker - And then when it tells me something that my brain rejects as illogical and unjustifiable, what then?


Christian - Just keep reading. Over here the Apostle Paul told us that the message of God is foolishness to the wise. So when you think you are wiser than God, you are really a fool and just can’t understand. Foolishness is God’s way.


Seeker - Wait a minute! Are you trying to tell me that sounding foolish and incomprehensible proves that the message is from God? Nonsense is still nonsense, isn’t it?


Christian - Not when it is God’s nonsense.


Seeker - I would tend to agree that God wouldn’t be like us humans. After all He is supposed to be the Creator of everything. Therefore, I’d expect Him to know things we don’t and maybe can’t understand, making His thoughts and ideas different from mine, but I’d think that difference would reflect on Him majestically and not reveal Him to be so conflicted. You describe Him like He’s one of those gods of mythology we studied in high school.


Christian - Those Greek and Romans gods were just cheap knockoffs of the real God, the one in the Bible. They stole their picture of god from the Bible, so it makes perfect sense that they seem somewhat similar to the real God.


Seeker - That’s strange. I thought I remembered that the pagan gods predated the Bible, not the other way around. At any rate the problem remains. Why doe God seem so ordinary in your story. He seems to have many of the same hang-ups I struggle with: anger management, unstable personal relationships, difficulty in communicating clearly. How could that be true?


Christian - I think I detect a willful sinfulness in your attitude toward the Bible and God. The Bible warns us against people like you. We are commanded not to cast our pearls before swine.


Seeker - Who are you calling a swine, buddy!


Christian - Furthermore, I am always on guard against all heresies and departures from the one true faith as presented in the Bible. I must avoid heretics to escape Hell myself. I am obliged to end this discussion to protect my own eternal destiny. You obviously deserve the Hell you can’t mentally grasp. Goodbye.


Seeker - Wow, how did all this get to be called “Good News”?