Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

i believe in you



In a store I recently saw a plaque which had these words, “I believe in you.” It struck me that these few words express a basic summary of the Gospel. God would never logically send His only begotten Son to die for mankind if He did not believe in humanity.


Traditionally, the Gospel story has been presented in terms of our having to believe in God and in Christ in order to be accepted. The emphasis has generally been on what mankind must believe. In contradistinction to this doctrine of humanity’s requirement to believe, the story of Jesus is the ultimate expression of what God believes about humanity. He believes that we are worth any effort it takes on His part. He believes in you and me to such an extent that He chose to demonstrate that belief, that confidence, that respect for our inherent worth, by making the ultimate, personal sacrifice. Nothing God could have done would more dramatically illustrate how much God cherishes man.


Yes, “I believe in you” is the essence of the Gospel. I believe that God believes in me; and, to paraphrase the words of the Kenny Chesney song, that is all I ever need to know.