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how to identify false teachers



Many in the orthodox church are constantly on the lookout for what they term false teachers. If you carefully observe the operation of these truth guardians, you will notice that a prominent mark of a false teacher is the insistence on asking questions of Orthodoxy. Anyone who is inquisitive about the implied details of Christian dogma and bold enough to voice those questions is immediately vilified by a large portion of the Christian clergy.


The vast majority of these questions involve the issue of justice, equality of opportunity, and the effect of Orthodox theology on mental and emotional well being. The questions often ask how this or that theological tenet can be true when this or that results and cannot be reasonably justified. The church's pat response is to quote some Bible passage in support and then just ignore the issues inherent in the question- justice, equality, and emotional consequences. In effect, the church would have everyone believe that as long as they can produce a supporting verse, all questions related to consequences and implications are irrelevant and therefore need not be answered.


It strikes me that a better way to identify a false teacher would be to note those who refuse to teach by denying the student the right to question and seek a broader understanding. False teachers are those who insist on rote memorization and blind acceptance of their teachings. False teachers are those who insist on what has always been taught, ignoring the fact that truth and knowledge have always been evolving and expanding in human consciousness.


If the church was sincere in its role as a teacher, they would welcome questions and most readily and forthrightly deal with them. Their present mode of operation is that of indoctrinator and not teacher. If they want to legitimately claim a teaching role, it would behoove them to be as false as those they currently malign.