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idle hands idle mind


We all have heard the old expression that idle hands are the devil’s work shop, implying that too much ease allows people to get into trouble morally. It’s a great philosophy for those who manage the work of others, because it encourages people to work industriously. It is also a great way for the religious authorities to discourage critical thinking. If a person is extremely busy, then they have less opportunity to think about anything other than getting the immediate tasks done. Idle hands combined with an idle brain will soon generate idle thoughts.

In that respect, the development of early retirement has been a real problem for organized religion. Retirees are notoriously subject to religious cogitation. Spiritually minded retirees with internet access are doubly dangerous.

As leisure time expands among certain parts of the population, human curiosity and creativity will challenge religious tradition more and more. It is inevitable; and, if the institutional church chooses to ignore that fact, they will sink ever deeper into irrelevance in the spiritual experience of more and more people.