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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

I have no choice




From where I stand to day, I must ask myself why I ever embraced a faith which effectively condemned so many family members and friends to eternal punishment. I guess I thought I had no choice. The Bible condemned them, in the church's interpretation, so I had to accept it as a fact, as unpleasant and unpalatable as it might be. I was convinced that I had no choice because to reject this awful story was to be rejected by God which meant I'd end up eternally punished myself. It was a real quandary.


Basically, the idea that we have no choice does not always mean that there is but one option. It can also mean that there is only one option with acceptable results. We could chose otherwise but to do so would have dire consequences. That is the sense in which Orthodox Christianity convinces us that we have no choice but to agree to a religious conviction which condemns so many.


In another but very real sense, I find that I again have no choice. I can continue to accept a doctrine which is repulsive to my sense of ethical uprightness, or I can insist on something better. Instead of letting the church and its interpretation of the Bible compel me to reject and dismiss countless millions of fellow humans in order to secure my own well-being, I can look for a personal faith without the demeaning negativism of Orthodox Christianity. For me that became no choice at all. Wherever a personal faith would lead, it had to be better than where the church led me.