Sjolander Road Fellowship

Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

i'll show them; i'll hurt me



In this title I am quoting the words of a good friend. He was describing how his attempts to get even with those who he thought had mistreated him had worked to his own detriment. It was a marvelously concise way to word what actually happens to each of us whenever we get hung up on resentment and revenge. Very often the only one getting damaged is me.


There is a powerful individual message in these words, but we need to note them in relation to our foreign policy also. So often we formulate our interactions with other countries based on a desire to control, punish, and seek retribution for past wrongs. In the process we invariably spend lots of money and maybe human lives, perpetuating our own pain and suffering. What is true for individual is also true for the collective.