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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love

the importance of humanity



Much of religion holds our humanity in low esteem. In fact, the thrust of much religious thought is that we desperately need to escape our humanity and achieve some elevated state which corrects our human inadequacy. Thus religion effectively calls us forth to embrace what is supposedly unnatural, namely a human being who is no longer human in the normal sense. He or she must become "unhuman" or maybe more accurately super human. To be successful as a human being, we must cast off our humanity and become godlike.


Unfortunately, in following this kind of reasoning, what such religion has encouraged is our transformation into the inhuman. This religiously promoted low opinion of one another has prompted many to behave abominably to their fellowmen. Such thinking is the underlying motivation for much human evil.


Relinquishing our humanity is not the solution to humanity's malfeasance. Instead we need to recognize and fully apply what being fully human is all about. What we need to forsake is not our humanity but our inhumanity, the tendency to mistreat one another on the pretense of promoting righteousness.