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Declaring the God of Unconditional Love


insisting on the Incomprehensible




One gets the impression that many Christians believe that the more incomprehensible or horrendous their doctrine sounds, the more glorious it becomes. Under this paradigm the acts of genocide and divine wrath in the Bible become something to celebrate as marks of God's greatness. The fact that the human mind condemns such behavior in other human beings doesn't seem to faze these Christians in their analyzing of God's actions. Rejection of such teaching is no more the sign of self willed wickedness than the similar aversion to human homicidal psychopaths. The hearers are just displaying good discernment.


It's time that the church recognize that the problem with their attempt to convert the world lies not in the audience but in the message and the messengers. They can quote Bible till they grow hoarse, and all most will hear is the shrill harping of the perpetually smug and exclusionary.


Coming together weekly to self congratulate and piously condemn outsiders are not acts of nobility and definitely don't honor Jesus. It is nothing more than human nature operating at its lowest level.


As someone has wisely noted: God made man in His image, and we reciprocated and made Him in ours.