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the independent truth


In a 2011 presentation, Dwayne Dyer made this statement- “The Truth doesn’t depend on my understanding of it”. This immediately struck me as profound in its implications. Of course, Dyer was speaking about Truth in a spiritual sense, a Truth more basic even than the laws of physics. The Truth under discussion was not to be known by scientific observation using the five senses

The meaning of Dyer’s statement can be taken in different ways. At first glance, it seems to say that the truth is true whether I know it or not.

But I think there is a deeper more significant meaning. The Truth is effective and governs the universe without human agency, unhindered by our ignorance and misunderstanding. The Truth represents natural cause/effect relationships which unerringly and inevitably determine outcomes in human experience and the evolution of the cosmos. “Whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap”.

Another way to look at it is this: the Truth is not dictated by an authority. It is not negated by ignorance or willful disregard. It is not subject to enforcement, because it is not a commandment but rather an eternal, universal principle which defines reality. It is an essential element of what is real, so there is nothing to enforce.

Additionally the Truth does not depend on human agents to communicate it to others. This Truth is known internally, individually, naturally. It is a personal insight, perhaps encouraged by external influences, but its ultimate source is internal. Teachers and texts can only direct attention to the inner man as the starting point for personally discovering the Truth.

Whatever purpose the Truth serves in defining reality, it does so in the context of the very act or process of creation, itself. Truth is creative; it affirms, guides, unites, and maintains the further unfolding of Creation itself.